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Welcome to Mountain Dream

We all have dreams and work towards achieving them.

For over thirty years now my own dreams have centered on mountains and during this time I have devoted myself to climbing, travelling and exploring in the great mountain ranges of the world. My adventures have taken me as far as Baffin Island in the north and Antarctica in the south, from Alaska in the west to Australia in the east.

Not surprisingly however, the bulk of my time has been spent among the greatest concentration of high mountains on earth - The Himalayas. The countries of India, Pakistan and Nepal have become so familiar to me over time that now they feel like home. I have drawn upon my experience and knowledge of both people and places to produce the varied range of itineraries on offer, many of which are unique to Mountain Dream.

The itineraries have been carefully planned to cater for a wide range of tastes and abilities, from the casual hill walker wishing to expand their horizons to the dedicated mountaineer looking for the next challenging objective.

Our holidays are designed for discerning people who wish to tackle mountains in small professionally led groups that are sensitive to the needs of both clients and locals, while maintaining a healthy respect of the mountain environment.

We employ world-class guides, who are all enthusiastic and fun to spend time with, while being committed to your safety, success and enjoyment. Mountains have defined my life and produced my most intense memories. I hope this website will inspire you to share some of my mountain dreams.

Simon Yates - Director



Monte Bove

Last successfully climbed in 2011. Join for the fifth ascent of the mountain. Dates are 7/3 to 29/3 for 2020.

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